IR Policy

  • Purpose of IR activities and it's basic

    The purpose of Our IR activities receive legitimate evaluation of our value from retail investors include our stock holders, institutional investors, and analysts through a better understanding of our company.
    In addition, it is that our management aims to reflect the voice in the market. Therefore, we aim to punctually, fairly, accurately and proactively reveal information on management strategies and financial conditions.

  • About business and upcoming forecast

    We try to be everyone's convenient through we reveals detailed one of fourth business performance.
    Upcoming forecasts, such as earnings forecasts, announced by the Company are predictions at the time of announcement and are not guaranteed.We do not authorize any third party business forecasts.

  • About unpublished important facts

    The information which we announce by the meeting and so on with the securities analysts and institutional investors is limited facts that have already been disclosed in financial results.Also, the information is famous facts, general business enviroment and so on. We don't reveal any hidden or unopened facts.

  • Information disclosure method

    We reveal the information. which is stipulated by laws in Companies and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, etc, properly by the method prescribed by law. In addition, we explain the information, which is prescribed the timely disclosure rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, to the Tokyo Stock Exchange through the rules of them. After that, we register it on "Timely disclosure information transmission system (TDnet)" . Also, we provide same information to media immediately.
    Regarding the provision of information, that is disclosed at TDnet, on our website, we post after confirming the provision on TDnet immediately. Also, it is based on Exchange Law and timely disclosure rules. In addition we provide it to media at the same time. However, due to preparation of posting, etc. releasing of such information may be delayed.
    Regarding information that does not fall under the rules for timely disclosure, the policy is to reveal the information to stockholders and investers in an appropriate manner based on the laws and regulation such as the Securitied and Exchange Law.

  • IR self-resistant period

    The company has defined a certain period from scheduled date for each one-forurh of a financial announcement as 'IR self resistant period', during which a Company's executives and employs are not allow for commenting on performance forecasts or results and will not held or participate in individual analyst briefings, seminars, conference calls, etc.