Mid-career recruitment guidelines

Sales Specialist

We entrust proposal sales for TEMAIRAZU Series (ASP service) which is channel manager of reservation to you. The product is leading the market share. Our sales target is accomodation facilities such as hotel and ryokan thoughout Japan. We are looking for those who can become core members of the company

Job Description

[As a sales specialist, to accommodations throughout Japan]

Proposal of accommodation reservation Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU Series service

By helping accommodations across the country and attract customers and avoid overbooking,

Provide infrastructure services to maximize profits.

By using the service of TEMAIRAZU Series and controlling the reservation sites.

We are glad that we introduced accommodation facilities, which led to avoiding oppurtinity loss

and reducing management cost which is appreciated and rewarding job


Appointment acquisition by phone. Recently, From inquiries and also an introduction from existing customers the number of applications are increasing.

Take a PC to the client show and explain the admin panel of the TEMAIRAZU Series.

After the confirmation of the application, setup the TEMAIRAZU Series on the client machine.

Explain how to use it to the incharge of the hotel and contact the customer support if any questions.

If there is a problem in the system the sales representative will receive mail.

For better sales, you have to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

◎Since it is an ASP service customers use web browsers, so there is no need for installation or complicated settings.

Required Experience

- Corporate sales (outbound type) experience: 3 years or more.
- Normal car license required.

PHP Developer

You will be involved in the development of reservation Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU Series or comparison site hikaku.com

Job Description

As a development engineer, you will be involved in the development of reservation Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU Series

or comparison site hikaku.com


- Addition of various new function

- System cooperation with reservation sites, metasearch sites, hotel systems, etc.

- Improved user interface

- Optimization of process

- Reconstruction of PC and smartphone site

- Maintainance and improvement of infrastructure

- Maintenance of systems

Features of development department

- Due to own service, we can be involved consistently from the upstream process to downstream process and infrastructure

- You can add functions and improve services directly feeling as getting feedback from a user.

- Because of a small number of elites, our environment has high authority, and rapid growth.

Because of a small number of elites, our environment has high authority, and rapid growth.

※Other features

Free software available/ Notebook monitor environment of 1920*1200 discretionary labor or more, Free drink / Young welcome

Development environment

Programming languages



CakePHP/Laravel/Self made libraries

[Other development environment]

Linux / Apache / memcached / Smarty / Subversion / Git / Amazon Web Service



[Development content type]

B2C / B2B / WEB site / CRM / Portal site / Research and analysis

Database design tuning / network design

Required Experience

Practical experience only

[Required skills and experience]

Experience developing in object-oriented languages by using (Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.)

Customer Support Center

We respond to any inquiries from accommodation facilities using the accommodation reservation Channel Manager TEMAIRAZU Series. With the increase in users, the support center is also looking for more staff. Provide customer support while sitting in a comfortable working environment. Do you want to try to play an important role by gaining customer trust?

Job Description

We will respond to inquiries from customers who are using the "TEMAIRAZU" Series.

[Job description]

We respond to inquiries from managers and employees of accommodation facilities using our services.

The number of cases handled is 30 to 40 per day. Mainly through telephone and some inquiries may come by e-mail.

Most of the inquiries is about using the system.

How to operate in such this case or can't operate it well, so I'd like to know how to operate it.

"The information is different", note down the told things or complete until the functioning part, there are various task

In addition, we receive inquiries such as "I want to be posted on that travel site" and share information with the travel site.

[Points of business]

We have introduced a system that shows the history of each customer.

If you check the system, you will be able to understand the history of exchanges and how to deal with them, so you can respond smoothly and it is safe even if you have no experience.

* We also update manuals and FAQs posted on the system.

Job challenges

In response to inquiries from customers, you will often get "Thank you for helping", now can use this service smoothly,

Besides, finding out customer needs, the time when solving these requests can feel very pleasing

※supporting customer needs one by one you can support the business

Required Experience

This time, we will be hiring motivated people, so we don't need any previous experience.

For more detailed, those who can listen carefully to people and those who can make efforts to provide more information for inquiries.

Also, it is suitable for those who have the energy and ambition to lead the organization in the future.

Application Requirements

Qualification requirements
  • It depends on the job type.
  • Please check the required qualifications for each position.
  • Monthly salary: 250,000 yen or more
  • Determined by consideration of salary and experience of previous job.
Working hours
  • 8:50-18:00 (actual work 8 hours, depending on job type)
Work location
  • Head Office
  • 1-21-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 7F, Ebisu NR Building
  • (5 minutes walk from Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line and Subway Hibiya Line) * Depending on the type of job, you may work in Osaka
  • Measures against indoor passive smoking (non-smoking)
Holidays and vacation
  • Full day off 2 days system (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Publiholiday, summer vacation
  • New Year holidays
  • Annual paid leave (10 days in the first year)
  • Congratulations
  • Childcare and nursing care leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Salary
  • Transportation allowence (up to 30,000 yen / month)
  • Housing allowence (30,000 yen per month only within 2 stations from Ebisu Station)
  • Complete social insurance
  • social insurance

Selection Flow



Mid-career recruitment entries are accepted on the inquiry page linked below, so please let us know your desired occupation. After entry, we will make a proposal about the selection contents such as application documents to the e-mail address you inquired from this page.



Interviews with Recruitment officer, department manager, executives, etc. will be held 2-3 times. Online interviews are also available. Other written tests may be conducted.


Job Offer

If you pass the final selection, you will receive job offer. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks from application to job offer. You can join our team within one month of application.