We provide a hotel channel manager which helps accomodation facilities such as hotels and ryokans centrally manage multiple reservation sites


For fresh graduates, we are recruiting 2 different types of employees as follows.General and Professional (Development Engineer)And we assign the section after checking your characteristic if you are employed as general office worker

In mid-career recruitment, Job opportunities are available/ we are recruiting for one of the following departments:Sales, Development and Customer Support


Temairazu is leading in industry in market share value. The sales target is to offer sales proposals to accomodation facilities such as hotels and ryokans throughout Japan

Development of TEMAIRAZU Series and You will be able to see and work on the complete system. You will be able to understand the inner-workings of Temairazu.

A job to answer the queries from hotels and inns nationwide. The user's needs will then be conveyed to the development team to work on the proposed modification. As that result, you can improve your proposal skill.


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