People who work at Temairazu

This is my job

TEMAIRAZU Series deals with the business that proposes accommodations. Specifically, we make an appointment over the phone, interview the customer's current reservation system management, and propose the TEMAIRAZU Series according to the customer's needs.

Why i like this job

When the customer says "we really got efficient operations with TEMAIRAZU", I feel like this work is amazing. Signing a contract not only allowed us to understand the goodness of TEMAIRAZU but also building trust. Since I am assured of how to communicate to gain trust, I am glad to be able to trust myself first.

Why I chose this company

I thought I propose good product to customers. Also, I thought that TEMAIRAZU was a wonderful product that could make support the facility. Moreover,I thought that the profit margin was high as a company.

Past career

I was hired as a new graduate was a company that handled housekeeping. I did business there and learned management. After that, I changed to a clerical position, but I realized that sales were better for me and wanted to brush up on the sales skills and management experience I had learned before, so I joined the company without any hassle.

Job hunting advice from seniors

I want you to think first about what you want most when you work. I think there are various things such as rewarding, self-growth, salary and benefits. If you set priorities in that context, I think the perspective of selecting a company will change.

Reason for joining the Temairazu company

Because I was originally doing research related to WEB in a university laboratory, I wanted to join that area and applied to a Temairazu corporation. At the interview, we heard that even new graduates were involved in the development of the system and could actively make proposals, and when i was offered a job offer, I decided to join the company immediately. Partly because I was hired as a new graduate, I was assigned to the “Business Division” after I joined the company, but I was able to quickly access the system through OJT's main education, which led to a solid understanding of the system.

Job Content / Challenging

I have been working on the development of our business divisions mainly to provide technical support and accompanying requests for functional improvements. Investigate any abnormalities in the customer's system, and listen to customer support staff who have heard from customers that they would like to be able to perform such operations easily while using the "TEMAIRAZU" service. We are improving and expanding every day to make it happen. In addition to the above, we are also developing the connection between "TEMAIRAZU" and the reservation site (OTA), we will exchange specifications with the person in charge of the other party and meet and meet with them. Both are developments for customers to use the service of "TEMAIRAZU" better, and customers often give thanks and praise after delivering the updates. At that time, I am very happy and I think it is a job that gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, since TEMAIRAZU is developed in-house, many parts need to be managed by ourselves. Therefore, it is an environment that has a high degree of freedom and is easy to develop.

Future vision

Currently, “TEMAIRAZU” owns the top market share in the industry, and I believe that it is necessary to improve functions and develop new functions to continue to lead the market. In addition to system expansion, there is also an increasing demand for cooperation with external systems such as PMS etc.. So, I think that providing better-centralized management to customers can be a great help for the long term.

Reason for joining the Temairazu company

From the first year of joining the company, I wanted to take the lead role and work. I heard that it is possible to convey my thoughts and actions directly because I have a small number of the team who have a great deal of responsibility and proximity to management, and working in such an environment, I decided to join the company because I felt that it could lead to speedy growth.

Job Content / Challenging

Currently, the main job is to respond to inquiries from facility staff at the customer center of TEMAIRAZU, a centralized management system for multiple accommodation reservation sites provided for accommodation facilities. The content of the inquiry is mainly about how to use the system. There is a wide range of requests, such as "how to operate at such times, I can't manage it well so I want to teach you how to operate," or "information is different." Also, we receive inquiries such as "I want to be posted on that travel site" and share information with the travel site. In response to inquiries from customers, we often receive thank-you words, "Thank you for your help", "I can use the service with peace of mind", and we were very pleased when we were able to detect customer needs and provide guidance beyond inquiries. It is challenging that you can feel that each of your actions can support your business. Also, as a customer center member, working to improve the quality of inquiries and manages team tasks. I think that being able to think about ways to improve operations and introducing tools on their own is also leading to growth.

Future vision

We not only provide support services that respond to inquiries received from accommodation facilities, In order to use the service with more peace of mind, we want to create an aggressive customer center that actively reflects customer feedback in the service. In addition, as a customer center leader, I would like to be actively involved in improving the overall efficiency of operations within the company, including the guidance of juniors. Not satisfied with the status quo, We aim to be a person who can raise the awareness and lead the company.