Message from President

Our philosophy is that we operate our team with few elite who work on a variety challenges.

Our staffs can get various information, adjust chang of trend, have global mind and work with independece. We look for someone who can fully work to their potential and work with our team.

■ The business of Temairazu (application service business)

In the current travel market, online reservations are said to be more than 50% due to the spread of the Internet, and the market is expanding due to an increase in foreign tourists visiting Japan. Although the opening of new businesses and the renewal of facilities and equipment have been booming mainly in urban areas, measures such as labor shortage and productivity improvement have become issues, and TEMAIRAZU is a centralized management system for online accommodation reservation sites. Needs for a skilled programmers are increasing. In recent years, we have strengthened our connection with overseas booking sites in response to increase of foreigners visitng Japan. The number of partners for Temairazu is also steadily increasing. The number of connections to booking sites, both in Japan and overseas, is the highest in the industry. We will continue to accelerate our overseas connections.It is not only a reservation site for hotels and inns, but also supports various systems such as a private lodging site and meta search. Temairazu is a business full of growth that supports the travel industry on the IT front.We are looking forward to those who have a strong challenging spirit, having ideals and passion for the field.

■ The business of

As the name implies, "" is a portal site that collects information for "Comparing". Hikaku in Japanese means to compare. We provide convenient services that allow you to compare within various genres such as shopping, moving companies,sim providers, and travel bookings. We connect consumers who want to buy products at a discount and find services that suit them, and advertisers who want their services to be widely always plays an important role in acquiring and organizing the correct information, providing a clear comparison axis, and correctly providing information required by users.Consumers and advertisers need people who think about their own sites, hone their ideas, build plans, and execute them.