Glossary for the Accommodation industry

What is a Channel Manager?

It is a system that collectively manages room inventory, plan sales prices, guest reservation information, etc. posted on multiple accommodation reservation sites (OTA). In addition to OTA, data is linked with the booking engine (BE), wholesaler, and hotel system (PMS) to prevent overbooking and improve the efficiency of sales management operations.

What is BE?

It is an acronym for "Booking Engine" and is an online accommodation reservation system that allows you to make reservations on the accommodation's official website.

What is OTA?

An acronym for "Online Travel Agent," it is a travel agency that allows making reservations on the Internet.

What is Overbooking?

Accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns accept more accommodation reservations than can be accommodated.

What is Hotel System (PMS)?

It is an acronym for Property Management System and is a system that manages rooms such as room allocation, settlement management, and accommodation data analysis. By linking data with the Channel Manager, you can also register accommodation reservation information and adjust the number of guest rooms for sale.